It’s Spring.

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” –Bill Nye… a quote so worth remembering!!!

It’s February 1st, too!

And did you know it’s the Chinese New Year I think… today?

I knew it was spring when I woke up this morning because this morning my head was playing the familiar song “what do tigers dream of…”

And yesterday when I just got out of school, I could just smell the spring air. I remember that same thing last year too. And when we went on a walk today, I could smell it again. Honestly, nothing is better than the smell or something you notice about the seasons changing. It was specific smell though, not just pinpointing spring but the changing of the seasons. Oh my gosh!!! It makes me so excited. It smells of quickened warmth maybe. I don’t know. The day before yesterday (I think it was anyway) I checked the weather and within the next 18 hours that hour, it was going from something like 22 degrees or something to 55. Today at the probable peak it was about 58! I like the changing of the seasons. Though I’m not sure if it is officially changing yet at all–I just had a sniff of it, really–because it’s supposed to sleet this week coming and snow at the beginning of next week. So yeah, exciting! Maybes another polar vortex is coming… I don’t know.

Anyway–Spring! I have some plans. Okay, so first of all, I’m going on a diet. Not just of food, of loads of other things too. For example I am going on a food diet not just because I want to loose just a bit because I am definately starting to feel, or have been feeling, a bit annoyed about my body for about two months now. I went on my first REAL, proper diet the Autumn of 2012, so around a year ago. I lost, after the first day, about a pound a day for about one month until I got to about 92-93.5 pounds at the age of just turned 12. I’m serious. I actually like dieting, to an extent, because it always makes me feel good generally, and once you’re done with it you feel amazing, so amazing that you hardly STOP the diet (if you’ve done it correctly) because you don’t want to spoil the pattern. But this time, I want to actually get fit. I want to do excersizes every morning and night and get dancer’s legs and practice my dancing and just be healthy, and super-super muscly for someone my age. I actually have quite muscly arms tbh, and calves, (but calves are just a family trait thing) but I want dancers legs, and I also want to grow really tall (need to do some more research on what will make me grow tall) and to get more sleep. Another reason for this diet is to be actually able to concentrate on homework & schoolwork more and especially things that I love doing, because I am positive that if I stop eating those foods, I will concentrate more on other things. I really want to live longer and be stronger generally, and get fit. There are so many little reasons behind it. But I am also doing this because I have a TON of things to do and I need to seriously work on them. I want to FEEL GOOD. Oh, and I don’t want to get addicted to chocolate as to the point which I have to eat chocolate in order to not get a headache. I’ve heard of that stuff with coffee & tea and things like that, but never really with chocolate… but oh well, maybe it’s possible… I have been eating tones of it for a while now and I just want to give it a rest a bit, even though I am a total chocoholic.

Chocolate, I love you! hahahaha

Part B: I plan this not just to be a food diet, but to cut out a lot of bad things in my mind, get straight with things, ya know? Take a diet of everything negative. If that makes any sense? I want to make myself feel good on the inner & out. I feel like the food diet will help out with Part B too.

This spring I want to become extremely good at signing high notes. I also really want a looping machine. (google it) AND I need to help clean up the house for spring cleaning and also help a lot with my little bro Jay-Jay. tones to do. but that’s always a good thing. In the next week or so I need to order some birthday presents for my fam., I need to order some henna… oh and when I get to the UK in the springish summer I need to get some ice dancing/figuring skates.

This will be updated!

Maybe I will post the exercises I am doing how “the diet” is going too!

Hope that my Feb Post is inspring 🙂 xxxxxxxx


Hi Everyone (again!)

It’s snowing!!!


And the snow is really, really FLUFFFY.

I love the snow… oh my…

we had no school today and we have at least a delay tomorrow–but they may change it to no school tomorrow. Well, at least I’m hoping.

I would give you a complete weather report like I do to my family but I think that’s out of the question because the effect of that action, would be that you know where I live.

My brother is obsessed with the sled, especially since last year. He was ALWAYS, ALWAYS on it. ha good times.

anyway, just thought I’d update you. I wish I could do weather updates but I guess I can’t. I am the weather-looker-upper over here.

xxx May

ps. next up I think I’m gonna to do a random chat, what’s-going-with-me-and-the-world kinda thing… !!!

Random Tag #1

OMJ this is my 13th post!!! and you know why THAT’S special!

So this is actually a quite a basic tag, I didn’t invent it, but I thought maybes you would want to know a bit more about me… and maybe this is interesting for you!

Part of the reason I love tags is because it’s like being interviewed. It would be more fun on camera and maybe I’ll do that one day on my youtube channel but right now, I’ll just do it on here!

And thankyou for 4 FOLLOWERS!!! AND 5 LIKES!!! I really, really ‘preciate that! I *hopes high on cloud 9* that I’ll get more.

1 How old are you?

I am thirteen of September that just came… it was the most special date EVER and I am really proud of it but I don’t want to say it on the internet ha!
2 Weird Habit?

no not yet 🙂 non. but I’m planning something!

3 Do you have any weird phobias?

No–I love being scared. *eyes glittering*
4 What’s a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you’re alone?

Oh man, right now it’s definitely The Way by Ariana Grande and Classic by MKTO… but I will seriousy go cray-cray over MJ songs… umm… just a LOT. Like Super Bass by Nicki Minaj or ALL of the John Travolta and the girl’s Grease songs. Omj, they are the best. I used to be obsessed with Grease. Actually, now that I think about it, I think my sister used to be to, when she was younger.
5 What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

Now that I think about it, I have a lot. I always think of them just as a person’s doing it, but I can hardly remember them. Probably, someone or something, during the week or days or whatever will do something and I will have to edit it. Here’s one: When you tell someone something and they act so uninterested. That is just like the BEST way to make 0 friends, and older people tend to do that to young people a lot. Oh, and another: this usually happens at the mall or the zoo, but a young mother, probably in her thirties, has like a 7-year-old kid and you can tell they’re bored to pieces and they just want to chat to their mum, and so they say something very kid-like and the mum is just like “yeah, that’s right, honey.” “yep.” “okay. “okay, be quite now?” that annoys me so much because that blessed child is gonna grow up to be JUST like their mother and I litterally just want to tear their mum’s hair out.
6 What’s one of your nervous habits?

prob.s playing with my hair, or walking weridly, or not knowing where to look, or rumadging through my mind like a complete maniac.
7 What side of the bed do you sleep on?

well that isn’t really a question for me… I sleep on all sides… (?)
8 interesting talent?

I can walk on water.
9 What’s the drink you always order at starbucks?

Okay, here’s the deal with Starbucks and I: SB is totally NOT me-freindly. I don’t like coffee, never have, never shall (only in food). So when everything on their menu except for the summer cold ice orangina drinks have coffee in them and their hot chocolate, which melts the whipped cream so there is no point in drinking it (anyone ever had that happen to them?) I don’t really have much choice. Most of the time I just want water. I know tones of kids at school who are addicted to Starbucks. Most of them, yes, white girls. or at least girls. and I never really buy any of their summer drinks anyways. I guess I really aren’t in that age yet when one gets addicted (even if peeps at school do and are). I never really have been asked. for example: once they had the orangina ice cold drink samples out on a tray and I had one (two, actually) and they were for real yummy. But ya know, I kinda just don’t trust them. I guess I would rather have a yummy drink than yummy food, but I would never drink one of their size full cups anyway. I think if I don’t WANT Starbucks, then I’m not gonna force myself to drink it. (I’m SORRY, addicted-starbucks-drinkers, you know who you are, if this upsets you. tear tear!) oh, but I do LOVE starbucks’ food options. perfecto!
10 What are you currently feeling?

🙂 <– like that, kind of. but also, I’m always thinking about stuff… but I also have a lot to do so that is kind of on my mind 😉
11 Am I inlove?

yes… not really with a person, but with so many movie characters and characters in my own books and other peep’s books who seem to to just make it litterally all happen… and with ideas and thoughts, and honestly, most of all… I know I say honestly a lot but I am really in love with the thought of being inlove!!!
12 Do you have any ‘weird’ body ‘skills’?

I can relfexitate my thumb. I don’t know if relexitate is a word, I’m guessing it’s not because it’s underlined in read, but it describes it perfly. Also, I’m learning to twerk. Woo Woo!

13 What’s your favorite comfort food thats ‘bad’ but you love to eat it anyways?

hmmm… probably chocolate… and chocolate chip scones…
14 What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say?

OMJ! (haha) if you know anymore than please leave a comment below!!!

15 Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing?

What do I wear to bed? a nightgown? pyjamas? Why, Chanel no. 5, of-course! (like if you know where that’s from!!!)

16 Favourite role models/icons?

Ummm… Me and marilyn monroe #lowercasenameswag plus I kind of like Ariana Grande and stuff!!!

Digby–my kitten!!!

For a long time, I spelt Digby’s name with two g’s, Diggby. But now, I don’t know, I think it’s quite sweet to spell it with only one g. Anyway, I got him for I think my tenth birthday. Actually, he was more of a very early birthday present, but he was still considered a birthday present (and still is!) I got him in like August I think. He’s now three years old, birthday in May. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that he will be four this year! That is soooo crazy!

So maybe you already know about the cat breed main coon, but basically they originated from Maine, they have the best fur ever which litterally turns into this puffy coat when they go outside and it’s cold (hence adapting from Maine), they eat TONES (or at least mine does) they look like raccoons (hence maine COONS)… but the best bit? They are HUGE. they grow so so big, up until they are five years old. Digby still has two years to grow. They can grow literally into the size of a smallish-medium dog. They are long cats, which means they can stretch out the bodies for feet wide. The thing with Digby is, on his vet passport, it says he’s domesticated, but really, that’s a lie, tbh with you… he is just such a wild thing. I said that I got him for my birthday but he’s not exactly the type of cat that you could really wrap a giant pink bow around. He’s feisty, independent, and he ain’t got no time for no one, no thing.

I guess you could say all cats are pretty independent, but I don’t agree. Most are, I suppose, but our other cat, Alfie, is not really independent at all. Come to think about it, our cats are quite strange. They all have totally different personalities. Alfie is the most UN-independent cat one will ever come across. He snuggles up to you and whenever you sit down, he will hop on your lap. With Digby, that doesn’t always happen. Sure, he enjoys a good stroke, but he will only approach you, or us, when he feels like it. And when there is birds and mice and deer and rabbits and other cats to hunt (YES, other cats!) that isn’t very routinely. I remember literally, me being tied up with homework and it being that time of the summer year for Digby, I didn’t see him for like two weeks. But I knew, no need to be worried. It’s just in his blood. He’s a nut. A nutjob. If you look a Digs up in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure “a. a wild thing, b. a nutjob, c. the killer” will come up, no kara-jokie.

So yeah, back onto the whole maine-coon-cat-rant thing, they grow to be huge sizes. Now Digs, although I personally am pretty sure he’s full bred maine coon, everyone says it (we did get him from a rescue mission), hasn’t grown to be quite as big enough to fit into the Guinness World Records book just yet–but remember, we still have at least two more years! He is a pretty huge cat though, bigger and longer than even our fattest and other long cat Alfie. Digby isn’t fat though–even though he litterally eats a ton everyday not including most likely having some kind of secret-relationship with Six-Dinner-Sid and his club, as well as stealing the other cats food–not like Alife, who at his highest peak was 17 lbs (he’s probably fat enough to be in the Guinness World Records). Digby can stretch out to be like three feet long at least and his head is colossal with his wide face and wide flat nose and loads of extra quilted fur. Whickie is actually quite scared of Digby tbh–though sometimes they get in fights and you’ll find balls of fluff fur in one section of the house. Mogally is certainly NOT scared of Digby though. For one thing, she’s a girl, black and white, rockin MJ style. With one raise of that paw and Digby will back away before she even has to open her mouth to hiss. Sometimes, being the daring, fearless backsasser boy he is, he won’t back off so quickly and Mogally will start to growl and then hiss and it won’t be until then that he decides, finally, to rest his case, and learn his lesson. Whatever he does, though, Mogally and Digby both learnt on that first day that they will forever stay s.e.p.e.r.a.t.e.

When we first got Digby, I wanted to see the, cats in action, so we let them out of the cage and Digby went flying around the room, really excited to be out. The other little tabby cat stayed shieled under the chair and I felt really quite bad for him. Actually, I think it might have been a she. Oh dear! That cat was the one I was thinking of getting as well as a white and orange cat who was older than Digby (the tabby cat was younger than Digby, and I REALLY wanted a very very small kitten.) But I am just so glad I got Digby and that I have him now, honestly. I love him to pieces, as well as all of our other cats that we have (we have three others: Wickie, Mogally and Alfie.) Oh, and Diggs also has these little ear tuffs under his ears–apparently they are real maine-coon-ish and only Maine Coons have them. cool, right!?

Maine coons I think are usually around $300 or something (no snarking if I am wrong) and we got him at the animal rescue for $30, I think. Gosh and their tails!!! totally forgot to mention! okay, can we please just take a moment to realise and THANK how amazing their tails are. seriously. they are so fluffy and soooooo long. and how the fur FEELS… SO SOFT… SO SOFT… OH MY GOODNESSES… we call Digby’s tail the boom because when he does outside he sweeps up everything in existence on the deck or in the woods and when he comes back in side and plops on the sofa, and then, of-course after he’s eaten his food, he decides to go outside again and we’re left with an entire sofa full of bits of leaves and grass and mud and dirt. yum! kind of helpful, really, if I’m honest. Might as well say so.

And here ARE some pics of my Diggs:

Photo on 2013-07-24 at 13.36 #4YO YO YO there’s my DIGGIS in the HOOOD!!!

I really STRONGLY suggest you look up some pics of maine coons (just by typing “maine coons” into google because seriously, they are huge and they will take up your whole living room and they are amazing and beautiful and there are some really great famous Guinness World Records cats on that Google. Unfourtunately, it would not allow me so upload the pictures from google and besides I’m not sure that the google people who have their cats lying on their heads, would be that pleased to be on my blog, not that they would probably know…….. ok whatever, I’m just gonna give you the link! :

I got Digby when he was 2 months old I think. Forever crawling up my back and scratching me and indeed everything else to pieces, I love him so much and although I literally never see that cat, I know he’s out there somewhere, probably doing something not so proud, *you know what that means!* and I couldn’t love him more for who he is. I’m so glad we chose HIM at the animal rescue place.

You prob.s think I’m a crazy cat lady after this but oh well… maybe I am!!!

January 20th–SNOW DAY!!!

I don’t want to bombard anyone with blog posts, because that must be annoying.Image

But it’s snowing, there’s no school, and it’s January 20th.

Who ELSE feels like January 20th especially feels like a special day? I’m not planning on this being a really long post, I kind of want it short and sweet, but I can’t guarantee that will be the results of this project…

When I woke up this morning there was BIG chunks of snowflakes falling out there. That actually happens a lot around here. One time I remember the biggest snowflakes I’d ever seen falling from outside when it was really dark outside on a winter’s night. You know winter–very low but blinding suns and very dark nights. And isn’t the scene of a dark almost black night with huge white chunks falling down on contrast just amazing? Anyway, so when I got up, I immediately lifted my window up and the scratchy bug protecter screen and stuck my hand outside. If I had an AMAZING camera, I would zoom in on one of those very, very detailed zooms–I think you can get settings for that–and record a freezing-cold snowflake fall on a 96.6 degree arm and record it melt. Have you ever seen a snowflake melt so fast like that though? My sister’s boyfriend is from Colombia and he had never seen snow before until he went to the very tips of Argentina near to Antarctica (Antarctica is the south pole, right, and the Arctic is the north?). I remember freezing some for him like a year ago especially so if he ever got to come here, he would get to see it. (although he could just wait until it snows again in the winter.)

So here are some pictures of the snow. It settled but there isn’t TONES of it yet. But just wait and see–it’s going to snow more soon!

And the joy of a snow day is SO, SO good. Have you ever felt that, when the school calls and says, “Drive safe!” and you know schools out. School might even be out tomorrow–not so much the snow, probably, unless when it starts snowing again it REALLY starts snowing, but the whole of the US is supposed to be under like a Polar Vortex again. Which is really cool. When we were at the airport we were litterally out in the cold for three flippin’ minutes and we were litterally FREEEEZZZZIIININGGGG. And they were saying, if you’re planning on staying out for more than ten minutes, you’ll have frostbite by that time. My weather says 9 degrees and at the airport it was I think 13, and when we got home it was 3. not joking. Oh, weather. Doesn’t it just excite you?

Something fun to do with snow? well, if I had a gigantic freezer, then I would take a bunch of all of that snow and freeze it in there and then in the middle of summer take it out again and scare all the neighbours. I think that would be fun!

It’s actually melted a LOT, but later tonight, I’ll upload some more winter wonderland pics (hoping for more snow.)Image

My FAV Blogs


**oh and this is in no particular order at all, except from which point in my memory they cease.(is that the right word?) I don’t feel like putting them all in order on who I like to look at the most.**

*also, my favorites are ALWAYS changing, and I am constantly finding new people to look at just as I am with yuotube, so maybe this can become a monthly thing like in every Monthly Favourites Post. whaaddaya think?*

1.) although I don’t like coffee (see title), and this gal has been slackin’ recently, I do love her blog and what she writes. she has some good thoughts and opinions on the world and she is actually a you tuber. although, if you don’t want to irresistibly fall in the passion of beauty and makeup, you probably ought to stay away, because she does have a youtube account that is mainly based on makeup, although has some hair tutorials and has been drifting towards the house organization, tips, motherly stuff like that. Here is a section from her blog that I particularly like:

And besides, haters will hate and potatoes will potate. Which means haters are taters. and taters are carbs. And I don’t like carbs.

But I would not have known what a “tater” is until I moved to America.

2.) She also has another one called (I’m pretty sure) which is all about beauty stuff like to her youtube account ( and her vlog video channel on youtube ( so again, I reccomend to stay away if you are freaked out by makeup and stuff.

3.) so is a mostly beauty blogger. again, she has a beauty youtube channel, but unlike allthatglitters, who I’ve known for just over a year now on youtube, I found her blog first when I was a beauty-addict (again, not one of my proudest times) and looking up vintage makeup storage ideas. well, I found a page on her blog, and after wondering about her some more, I soon I noticed she had a youtube channel (again, beauty-related) . When I found her youtube, she had something like 200,000 subscribers. A LOT, but compare that to her now 3.5 mil subscribers. And that is almost exactly a year later. Again, this gal has also been a slacker with her posts, (lets just say her channel is mutual) but maybe she has been focusing on something better, so it’s okay. That’s the least we can say for her, isn’t it?

4.) Free people. remember this is in no particular order. Infact, if it was, then free people would definitely come out tops. Free people’s blog is everything I love. Horoscopes, bohemian vibe, fashion, creativity, art, quotes, almost oeverything. Their blog link is Of-course, it’s a group blog, and all of the workers at free people work together on the layout, and they travel, they go on adventures, they go to fashion weeks, they make short films and tell about their adventures in words, videos… I love it. You can listen to them speak on there for ages, and to me THAT’S a good blog. They also have a shop called’s actually quite expensive. It’s all american, although if you’re Britain or somewhere else, it’s like double the price in pounds, which is more like thriple the price really.I do love it though, but I can’t get most of it. Just so you know relitively the price, it’s like on a normal basis a top would be $60-$180. So some of it is an OK price, but otherwise it’s :[…It’s just SO beautiful though. They have a little on-the-side yotube channel too, (pretty sure that’s the link, but not totally sure) where they post short films which are so so cool and so inspirational and well-done. Oh, everything about them is inspirational. On their blog, you’ll see for yourself.

5.) Fashionista Jane. This name is actually from a book series called The Mother-Daughter Book Club. It sounds kind of gushing really at first, and it’s not a SPECTACULAR book, I would say, but it is SOOOO good for just relaxing and hearing out their problems. I read all through the five or six books purely because they are so relaxing and they can be quite inspiring at times, as I mentioned in another blog post, somewhere in My Speculations, no. 1, I THINK. You go with the girls through them being like 11 or probably 12 in sixth grade from the first day and then all the way to the spring of them being all around sixteen. They have boy drama and all that stuff, but mostly and truely, the book is about getting to know the characters well and reaching each of their POVs through totally different personalities, and it’s just great how united the Mothers and Daughters are together. Everyone hates the book club idea at first but, not immediately, they start to have more fun with it and actually get quite well-known around Massachusetts. Concord, being their home, is a really important throughout the whole series. Anyway, Fashionista Jane comes from the book club’s glamour and fashion obsessed girl, Megan Wong. When she’s I think fifteen, she starts up her own blog in part collaboration with Flashlite, a teen clothing place. So, is a cool blog idea taken from the book. She posts stuff mainly about fashion and can I just say, her blog background is so cool. So that’s another blog I just recently found that I love!

Insert your fave blogs below because I could do with some more blogs to add to the list!!! if you have a blog then also please link that below because I would like to read it 🙂

I know there aren’t LOADS on this list, but that’s why I need some more to read! I am always looking for some new ones with a new perspective so please please if you know any or if you have one 🙂

also please leave some, if you know of any, some working emoticons for wordpress. I don’t think there are any but oh well… emoticons are like my favourite things…

The History of My Blogs

So I don’t think I’ve realised how many blogs I’ve had in the last year and half or so. Number One I made when I was a bit crazy about beauty stuff which, not my proudest moments, now, I would more consider myself a tiny bit tomboy than caring too much about that stuff, which I kept probably until the middle of the summer last year until I just stopped that. Not that I was actually posting anything up until then, only for a few months when I first started up the blog in January. One thing I’ve noticed though–they all kind of have a trend, except this one I literally write whatever and those two are quite formal to be honest. The next blog, Number Two, was when I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. I was still kind of back in on the grove with beauty stuff, after a summer of forgetting my obsession, so as you can tell if you click on the link, I was still very much on my beginning days and all I had really written was very little but good topics tbh–What I got for my Birthday, a very good one, September Favourites and the 13 facts about me tag because I had just turned thirteen. Plus, the last post I posted on there was one just a few minutes ago which I promised I’d post about Getting Good Grades. Look at that, if you need to! But the last REAL post I posted was way before that. That was in September. (ha, and I’m talking about it as if it were from years ago)! And now there is this one.

Number One:

Number Two:

don’t ask where I got the last blog name from “roadtwentyfive”. It was one of those moments I was explaining in my last blog post, remember? yeah…

…..p.s….. does anyone know what one does when you have, in grammar, a situation like this?: (ha, I just did it <–) for example: 

No.:         does one just do a dot and then a colon? comment that question’s answer below if you know it too!

btw, if you want me to do a “My fave blogs” post please tell me!!! Otherwise I will probably do it without your consent!!!

xxxxxx Maya xxxxxx