autumn time once again

it’s me, I promise! I haven’t left! I’m still here and I think I’ll continue to be!!! It’s Autumn and I just have to do an August-September-October-November post. And sometimes December. I LOVE this time of year so much. I have so many great memories from this time of year. Halloween’s gone, by the way, […]

a mid-summer update

Hi my dear blog! I haven’t posted in ages… I don’t even know what to say.  Currently, I am watching the news and something about hurricanes to the UK to a place from which I live 45 mins, is coming. It’s kinda weird that America has only had one hurricane and it was HARDLY very […]

Summer, be amazing

My bed has been extremely comfy recently. It seems to have developed a way to retain some of the warmth, a bit, from breakfast-time and then when I crawl back in it from a hot session of Being Outside, it’s cold and it feels nice, then I warm it back up again in a matter […]

You “Let Her Go” — Music Video Cover / Adaption by Amaya

My Big Project I’ve been talking about: Short Film kinda thing This music video is adapting Passenger’s “Let Her Go.” The video starts with a girl of 4 or 5, who is a Daddy’s girl at heart. She loves her Daddy as any little girl would. This adaption is NOT completed, but in the completed […]

Whoahh der…

Hey chickies! I have not uploaded for absolutely AGES. So this post is going to be another Catching-Up-With-Me. Recently I’ve been obsessed with grammar, especially prepositions, and ‘ve been correcting people at any chance I can get, including developing my own theories on grammar (^ yeah I KNOW I put two preps in a row […]