Imagine it’s the season of time since u last did something

hey, guys. I hope christmas was nice for you! I’m on winter break and totally dreading going back to school. I just dont want to go back and I don’t know what I’m gonna do!!! I’m trying not to think about it tho. I’ve been reading Zoella’s book omj!!! I didn’t even think I was gonna get it for christmas cuz I forgot to put it on my list but I have a feeling Torz sneaked in and put a word in for me. Haha. She knows about me and youtube well. If you want to know a little bit more about it, the book is really fun, light, and interesting to read. It’s so nice and simple I almost feel like I’m listening to it when I read it. It is also a book, so it’s gonna make you feel things and at times turn slightly into an emo at times. But what I love is Brooklyn Boy (didn’t wanna blow Online Girl’s cover) and how inspirational Online Girl’s blog is. After reading the first pages I was already so inspired to create another anonoymous blog. I get like that easily with books. I just get so inspired by them. I don’t think I’ve passed an entire book without feeling or being inspired by something about it. It makes me act fast and think, I want to do exactly what they’re doing now because it would be FUN and why the hell not!? Which brings me to propose a question: should I create yet another anonoymous blog?

I love this blog. I love the theme and my previous posts. And I’m still on it abut 3/4 of a year from when I first made it which is crazy really. Have I ever made a blog that lasted over a season? No, I don’t think so! Although I’ve made so many. It’s like that. always is. I don’t know if that’ll ever change but I like changing sometimes. Sometimes, it’s ok.

I guess I just kind of want a blog that is freelance, no wordpress or weebly connections the whole time. I hate the whole second . domain name thing too, but that peeved me off a lot more a while ago. I guess what I want changes all the time, from season to season to season. I have 7 followers that I don’t want to upset.

I always do these things at night, late, although it’s not that late now (but I better head off to sleep) and tomorrow when I post this I might think, wait? I don’t want to not have this blog as my own anymore. What the hell was I thinking?

I think I better sleep on it. No harm in that!

I’ll be sure to update u anyway telling what happens.

tbh it might not happen and it’s nothing worth going into detail over. I’ll let u all know k?

lots of love ur mayz 😉


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