autumn time once again

it’s me, I promise! I haven’t left! I’m still here and I think I’ll continue to be!!!

It’s Autumn and I just have to do an August-September-October-November post. And sometimes December.

I LOVE this time of year so much. I have so many great memories from this time of year. Halloween’s gone, by the way, which is kind of sad. I watched Halloween Town for the first time which was kinda fun and Halloween in general was the best. It would’ve been better if I wan’t on a diet but I kinda put my diet aside for the day. Or weekend. But I’m back on my diet now its the kinda diet where I have one week to lose 16 pounds. my favourite kind 😉

Autumn reminds me of America and Fall and all this great food and diets aswell, and Starbucks and mochas and warm hot chocolate drinks and the Winter, which in my life kinda joins at the hip with Autumn really well, is Cafe Nero time. Isn’t it funny when you have those repeated memroies that creates such good new memories or new LIFE, I should say–cuz we’re not creating memories, are we?–and then we’ve been someone once and it forecasts the whole season of the next year when u get there before you’ve lived it.

Okay, well just a little update about this Autumn time for me. :0


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