a mid-summer update

Hi my dear blog! I haven’t posted in ages… I don’t even know what to say.  Currently, I am watching the news and something about hurricanes to the UK to a place from which I live 45 mins, is coming. It’s kinda weird that America has only had one hurricane and it was HARDLY very big this year, or maybe it was two hurricanes? I think one was named Yolanada and Andre. Not sure, but I think last year they used up the entire hurricane list. Cinda Cray.

I have a youtube, you know. Wanna know more? Go to http://www.youtube.com/lxckamaya

I’m for real happy about it. I am gonna be posting so many more videos. I am just so excited for everything.

Btws, I haven’t been able to do much with my summer plans… I’ve been so busy yet I haven’t even thought about my summer reading which I’m not going to do because I am currently enrolled in 0 schools… or you could say, I’m enrolled in like five schools with all the places we are/were planning on moving! No idea where we’re going to be next. I’ve got so much to say but no time is the right time. Maybe now, maybe next post? Who knows if I’ll ever get it out? Well I guess I might update this later, for now I just wanted to have something posted for my poor followers (limited as they are). Have promise in my blog that I’ll post more. I’ve got in engage in convo now.

Amaya xx




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