Summer, be amazing

My bed has been extremely comfy recently. It seems to have developed a way to retain some of the warmth, a bit, from breakfast-time and then when I crawl back in it from a hot session of Being Outside, it’s cold and it feels nice, then I warm it back up again in a matter of minutes. Ah, the joys of summertime. Although I do actually want to do something this summer. Infact, I have MANY things I want to ACCOMPLISH–like for this week I wrote a little thing all colourfully on a piece of ripped paper: This– Summer– Week, then numbered 1 to (so far) 4 is : Father’s Day Present, 2. Sew Evie’s clothes back together, 3. Blog Posts?. Notice the question mark. I guess the only question about it now is how many m’I going to do. and 4. record & upload youtube vids. But long term goals, as in, the 2 and a half months of summer laid out, practically sprawled, out in front of me? Well after starting with my weekly goals (which will fluxuate rapidly over the course of the week) I assume I’m going to give my Daddy, shortly after arriving home on Father’s Day, a beautiful welcome and a wonderful fathers day, then we will travel to blanketty blank-et-y blank on Monday, stay in some hotels and be excited by the gorgeous hotel breakfasts !which! I! !just can’t get over! (not being able to get over it is a good thing), see some places there (don’t get this wrong: it’s Not a holiday, we’re primarily {I say primarly when meaning WELL, we are going to go on some shopping trips maybe just once or twice and maybe do some sampling and wonderful Trader Joes !which! I! !also! !just can’t get over!} there on buisness, serious buisness and when I say buisness I mean special spy-ing networking, searching and hunting peeps down. I also want to do a lot more of my dance, sewing, helping with J, creative stuff, drinking lots of lemonade, getting back in-touch with my music, honestly–all and everything May. And of-course we’ll be having our every-six-month-ly holiday back to England, so that’ll be summin’ special! Can’t wait for the .U.F.S. and the areoplane place and just being at .A. and going to the chavvy co-op and walking around .S.N. and everything. We might be going to some place cool and ACTUALLY summery (Portugal). The REAL place to go this time of year would be Los Angeles or somewhere in CA tbh, or–omg– South America where longs love!

But the best part of American summer, where I live, is the thunderstorms, hot weather, warmth, target, valley view mall… I never would have thought to say this, at least not all of it, but now that we’re moving… there’s a lot more that I could add to that unpredictable list.


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