Whoahh der…

Hey chickies!

I have not uploaded for absolutely AGES. So this post is going to be another Catching-Up-With-Me.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with grammar, especially prepositions, and ‘ve been correcting people at any chance I can get, including developing my own theories on grammar (^ yeah I KNOW I put two preps in a row up der!). My sister just came home so YAYYY!!! I’ve also been working on a huge project and I will do a whole ‘nother post on it, but I just wanted to tell you what it actually is first in this post… I’ve been failing at my diet and now guess what, we’ve got easter coming up and I have been stalling/failing/trying/getting up again back on my feet now, all mixed in one, in a huge kabob, for the past two months I think!? Can you believe it??? So yeah, no idea WHAT to do. I got tumblr, btw, and I’ve been using that for my personal inspiration for getting fit. I AM OBSESSED WITH TUMBLR!!! Mine is: mistawiththehat.tumblr.com

Hope you like it!!!

Ummmmmmmm been obsessing over Taylor Swift’s music vid “I knew you were trouble” once again. I was obsessed with it like a year ago and I just got obsessed with it again, like half-one month ago. It was an inspiration for my new PROJECT I’m doing. Oh and I am obsessed with Reeve Carney, because of the music video. I love him so much ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh and I recently saw Captins of the Sand. Oh.



That is something I am even more obsessed with than like ANYTHING else right now… I am just… I LOVE Pedro and Dora, I am trying to act like them (for acting practice & for show purposes, and also I just love them and am obsessed) but I am obsessed with literally every single thing about that film. I am making a clothing line from it… just everything, ohhhhhhh… I am so grateful my sister showed that to me. I’ve watched it like 1 and a half times so far. I am perfecting my espanol accent as well!!! “Oh Pedro!” “Dora!” hahahaha. I think I’m pretty good actually.

I have been having some seriously deep thoughts too. I’ll share one with you. “Everything is irrelevant…” ends one. I am really grateful right now for a tone of stuff. SPRING IS ACTUALLY COMING NOW!!! It is actually warmish-hot now and then and of-course very extremely humid, of-course, and we’ve been having some thunderstorms/a few tornado threats plus also Cali over there on the west coast is like havin’ a big earthquake, not just one of their usuals along with The Washington State. So yeah, everyone’s just haven’ a dandy ‘ole time…

I’m starting to think maybe I should explain my BIG PROJECT in this update post, but then it will take forever to actually be uploaded on account of I will be writing  a ton more. So I think I’ll just leave this post at that! 🙂


Oh, I have a joke to end this post!!! Why do girls always travel in odd numbers? Because they can’t even. Hahahaha :00


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