It’s Spring.

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” –Bill Nye… a quote so worth remembering!!!

It’s February 1st, too!

And did you know it’s the Chinese New Year I think… today?

I knew it was spring when I woke up this morning because this morning my head was playing the familiar song “what do tigers dream of…”

And yesterday when I just got out of school, I could just smell the spring air. I remember that same thing last year too. And when we went on a walk today, I could smell it again. Honestly, nothing is better than the smell or something you notice about the seasons changing. It was specific smell though, not just pinpointing spring but the changing of the seasons. Oh my gosh!!! It makes me so excited. It smells of quickened warmth maybe. I don’t know. The day before yesterday (I think it was anyway) I checked the weather and within the next 18 hours that hour, it was going from something like 22 degrees or something to 55. Today at the probable peak it was about 58! I like the changing of the seasons. Though I’m not sure if it is officially changing yet at all–I just had a sniff of it, really–because it’s supposed to sleet this week coming and snow at the beginning of next week. So yeah, exciting! Maybes another polar vortex is coming… I don’t know.

Anyway–Spring! I have some plans. Okay, so first of all, I’m going on a diet. Not just of food, of loads of other things too. For example I am going on a food diet not just because I want to loose just a bit because I am definately starting to feel, or have been feeling, a bit annoyed about my body for about two months now. I went on my first REAL, proper diet the Autumn of 2012, so around a year ago. I lost, after the first day, about a pound a day for about one month until I got to about 92-93.5 pounds at the age of just turned 12. I’m serious. I actually like dieting, to an extent, because it always makes me feel good generally, and once you’re done with it you feel amazing, so amazing that you hardly STOP the diet (if you’ve done it correctly) because you don’t want to spoil the pattern. But this time, I want to actually get fit. I want to do excersizes every morning and night and get dancer’s legs and practice my dancing and just be healthy, and super-super muscly for someone my age. I actually have quite muscly arms tbh, and calves, (but calves are just a family trait thing) but I want dancers legs, and I also want to grow really tall (need to do some more research on what will make me grow tall) and to get more sleep. Another reason for this diet is to be actually able to concentrate on homework & schoolwork more and especially things that I love doing, because I am positive that if I stop eating those foods, I will concentrate more on other things. I really want to live longer and be stronger generally, and get fit. There are so many little reasons behind it. But I am also doing this because I have a TON of things to do and I need to seriously work on them. I want to FEEL GOOD. Oh, and I don’t want to get addicted to chocolate as to the point which I have to eat chocolate in order to not get a headache. I’ve heard of that stuff with coffee & tea and things like that, but never really with chocolate… but oh well, maybe it’s possible… I have been eating tones of it for a while now and I just want to give it a rest a bit, even though I am a total chocoholic.

Chocolate, I love you! hahahaha

Part B: I plan this not just to be a food diet, but to cut out a lot of bad things in my mind, get straight with things, ya know? Take a diet of everything negative. If that makes any sense? I want to make myself feel good on the inner & out. I feel like the food diet will help out with Part B too.

This spring I want to become extremely good at signing high notes. I also really want a looping machine. (google it) AND I need to help clean up the house for spring cleaning and also help a lot with my little bro Jay-Jay. tones to do. but that’s always a good thing. In the next week or so I need to order some birthday presents for my fam., I need to order some henna… oh and when I get to the UK in the springish summer I need to get some ice dancing/figuring skates.

This will be updated!

Maybe I will post the exercises I am doing how “the diet” is going too!

Hope that my Feb Post is inspring 🙂 xxxxxxxx


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