Hi Everyone (again!)

It’s snowing!!!


And the snow is really, really FLUFFFY.

I love the snow… oh my…

we had no school today and we have at least a delay tomorrow–but they may change it to no school tomorrow. Well, at least I’m hoping.

I would give you a complete weather report like I do to my family but I think that’s out of the question because the effect of that action, would be that you know where I live.

My brother is obsessed with the sled, especially since last year. He was ALWAYS, ALWAYS on it. ha good times.

anyway, just thought I’d update you. I wish I could do weather updates but I guess I can’t. I am the weather-looker-upper over here.

xxx May

ps. next up I think I’m gonna to do a random chat, what’s-going-with-me-and-the-world kinda thing… !!!


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