January 20th–SNOW DAY!!!

I don’t want to bombard anyone with blog posts, because that must be annoying.Image

But it’s snowing, there’s no school, and it’s January 20th.

Who ELSE feels like January 20th especially feels like a special day? I’m not planning on this being a really long post, I kind of want it short and sweet, but I can’t guarantee that will be the results of this project…

When I woke up this morning there was BIG chunks of snowflakes falling out there. That actually happens a lot around here. One time I remember the biggest snowflakes I’d ever seen falling from outside when it was really dark outside on a winter’s night. You know winter–very low but blinding suns and very dark nights. And isn’t the scene of a dark almost black night with huge white chunks falling down on contrast just amazing? Anyway, so when I got up, I immediately lifted my window up and the scratchy bug protecter screen and stuck my hand outside. If I had an AMAZING camera, I would zoom in on one of those very, very detailed zooms–I think you can get settings for that–and record a freezing-cold snowflake fall on a 96.6 degree arm and record it melt. Have you ever seen a snowflake melt so fast like that though? My sister’s boyfriend is from Colombia and he had never seen snow before until he went to the very tips of Argentina near to Antarctica (Antarctica is the south pole, right, and the Arctic is the north?). I remember freezing some for him like a year ago especially so if he ever got to come here, he would get to see it. (although he could just wait until it snows again in the winter.)

So here are some pictures of the snow. It settled but there isn’t TONES of it yet. But just wait and see–it’s going to snow more soon!

And the joy of a snow day is SO, SO good. Have you ever felt that, when the school calls and says, “Drive safe!” and you know schools out. School might even be out tomorrow–not so much the snow, probably, unless when it starts snowing again it REALLY starts snowing, but the whole of the US is supposed to be under like a Polar Vortex again. Which is really cool. When we were at the airport we were litterally out in the cold for three flippin’ minutes and we were litterally FREEEEZZZZIIININGGGG. And they were saying, if you’re planning on staying out for more than ten minutes, you’ll have frostbite by that time. My weather says 9 degrees and at the airport it was I think 13, and when we got home it was 3. not joking. Oh, weather. Doesn’t it just excite you?

Something fun to do with snow? well, if I had a gigantic freezer, then I would take a bunch of all of that snow and freeze it in there and then in the middle of summer take it out again and scare all the neighbours. I think that would be fun!

It’s actually melted a LOT, but later tonight, I’ll upload some more winter wonderland pics (hoping for more snow.)Image


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