The History of My Blogs

So I don’t think I’ve realised how many blogs I’ve had in the last year and half or so. Number One I made when I was a bit crazy about beauty stuff which, not my proudest moments, now, I would more consider myself a tiny bit tomboy than caring too much about that stuff, which I kept probably until the middle of the summer last year until I just stopped that. Not that I was actually posting anything up until then, only for a few months when I first started up the blog in January. One thing I’ve noticed though–they all kind of have a trend, except this one I literally write whatever and those two are quite formal to be honest. The next blog, Number Two, was when I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. I was still kind of back in on the grove with beauty stuff, after a summer of forgetting my obsession, so as you can tell if you click on the link, I was still very much on my beginning days and all I had really written was very little but good topics tbh–What I got for my Birthday, a very good one, September Favourites and the 13 facts about me tag because I had just turned thirteen. Plus, the last post I posted on there was one just a few minutes ago which I promised I’d post about Getting Good Grades. Look at that, if you need to! But the last REAL post I posted was way before that. That was in September. (ha, and I’m talking about it as if it were from years ago)! And now there is this one.

Number One:

Number Two:

don’t ask where I got the last blog name from “roadtwentyfive”. It was one of those moments I was explaining in my last blog post, remember? yeah…

…..p.s….. does anyone know what one does when you have, in grammar, a situation like this?: (ha, I just did it <–) for example: 

No.:         does one just do a dot and then a colon? comment that question’s answer below if you know it too!

btw, if you want me to do a “My fave blogs” post please tell me!!! Otherwise I will probably do it without your consent!!!

xxxxxx Maya xxxxxx


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