My FAV Blogs


**oh and this is in no particular order at all, except from which point in my memory they cease.(is that the right word?) I don’t feel like putting them all in order on who I like to look at the most.**

*also, my favorites are ALWAYS changing, and I am constantly finding new people to look at just as I am with yuotube, so maybe this can become a monthly thing like in every Monthly Favourites Post. whaaddaya think?*

1.) although I don’t like coffee (see title), and this gal has been slackin’ recently, I do love her blog and what she writes. she has some good thoughts and opinions on the world and she is actually a you tuber. although, if you don’t want to irresistibly fall in the passion of beauty and makeup, you probably ought to stay away, because she does have a youtube account that is mainly based on makeup, although has some hair tutorials and has been drifting towards the house organization, tips, motherly stuff like that. Here is a section from her blog that I particularly like:

And besides, haters will hate and potatoes will potate. Which means haters are taters. and taters are carbs. And I don’t like carbs.

But I would not have known what a “tater” is until I moved to America.

2.) She also has another one called (I’m pretty sure) which is all about beauty stuff like to her youtube account ( and her vlog video channel on youtube ( so again, I reccomend to stay away if you are freaked out by makeup and stuff.

3.) so is a mostly beauty blogger. again, she has a beauty youtube channel, but unlike allthatglitters, who I’ve known for just over a year now on youtube, I found her blog first when I was a beauty-addict (again, not one of my proudest times) and looking up vintage makeup storage ideas. well, I found a page on her blog, and after wondering about her some more, I soon I noticed she had a youtube channel (again, beauty-related) . When I found her youtube, she had something like 200,000 subscribers. A LOT, but compare that to her now 3.5 mil subscribers. And that is almost exactly a year later. Again, this gal has also been a slacker with her posts, (lets just say her channel is mutual) but maybe she has been focusing on something better, so it’s okay. That’s the least we can say for her, isn’t it?

4.) Free people. remember this is in no particular order. Infact, if it was, then free people would definitely come out tops. Free people’s blog is everything I love. Horoscopes, bohemian vibe, fashion, creativity, art, quotes, almost oeverything. Their blog link is Of-course, it’s a group blog, and all of the workers at free people work together on the layout, and they travel, they go on adventures, they go to fashion weeks, they make short films and tell about their adventures in words, videos… I love it. You can listen to them speak on there for ages, and to me THAT’S a good blog. They also have a shop called’s actually quite expensive. It’s all american, although if you’re Britain or somewhere else, it’s like double the price in pounds, which is more like thriple the price really.I do love it though, but I can’t get most of it. Just so you know relitively the price, it’s like on a normal basis a top would be $60-$180. So some of it is an OK price, but otherwise it’s :[…It’s just SO beautiful though. They have a little on-the-side yotube channel too, (pretty sure that’s the link, but not totally sure) where they post short films which are so so cool and so inspirational and well-done. Oh, everything about them is inspirational. On their blog, you’ll see for yourself.

5.) Fashionista Jane. This name is actually from a book series called The Mother-Daughter Book Club. It sounds kind of gushing really at first, and it’s not a SPECTACULAR book, I would say, but it is SOOOO good for just relaxing and hearing out their problems. I read all through the five or six books purely because they are so relaxing and they can be quite inspiring at times, as I mentioned in another blog post, somewhere in My Speculations, no. 1, I THINK. You go with the girls through them being like 11 or probably 12 in sixth grade from the first day and then all the way to the spring of them being all around sixteen. They have boy drama and all that stuff, but mostly and truely, the book is about getting to know the characters well and reaching each of their POVs through totally different personalities, and it’s just great how united the Mothers and Daughters are together. Everyone hates the book club idea at first but, not immediately, they start to have more fun with it and actually get quite well-known around Massachusetts. Concord, being their home, is a really important throughout the whole series. Anyway, Fashionista Jane comes from the book club’s glamour and fashion obsessed girl, Megan Wong. When she’s I think fifteen, she starts up her own blog in part collaboration with Flashlite, a teen clothing place. So, is a cool blog idea taken from the book. She posts stuff mainly about fashion and can I just say, her blog background is so cool. So that’s another blog I just recently found that I love!

Insert your fave blogs below because I could do with some more blogs to add to the list!!! if you have a blog then also please link that below because I would like to read it 🙂

I know there aren’t LOADS on this list, but that’s why I need some more to read! I am always looking for some new ones with a new perspective so please please if you know any or if you have one 🙂

also please leave some, if you know of any, some working emoticons for wordpress. I don’t think there are any but oh well… emoticons are like my favourite things…


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