My new youtube username… help!

Hi! So, I made my username ‘Scpi O” because I desperately didn’t know what to do and decided to try and let something awful, hopefully sound good. But now I realise that really has backfired and I really don’t like the username at all. Here’s what happened, in book text:

My fingers tremble on the keyboard, waiting for the name to hit me like a bucket of cold water on a steaming hot day… Oh well, I think. Whatever I write right now, this instant, don’t look back on it. It will be perfect… My hands scramble quickly around on the luring buttons, awaiting their permanent death of a username. They stumble… they jump–but without aim. Finally, within the next 0.1 seconds, my hands have created a diverse, unique, yet not exactly what I was looking for, username. It hits me, yes. But more like a bucket of freezing water, on a just as freezing-cold day. Scpi O. O from my name, S from spice. That’s all that I remember. But that is it–I can’t turn back! And at this point, I don’t think it sounds too bad. It sounds more… unknown to me yet. Like it could amount to something special. Ah, but yes, it will!

So yes, that was about a month ago. or a month and a half. But now I need something better! So, without further ado, what do you think? Please comment below and leave me a message. I would so like a nice username. I have good names for different things in my mind, but none of them really describe a youtube channel.

Need a reason to comment? Well, I’ll be posting videos maybe even PRIVATELY to this blog. I don’t know yet. or maybe, just exclusively. But no matter if it’s private or what, my blog and my channel are definately going to be working together.

I’m planning on posting stuff like this:

cooking videos

dancing videos

music videos

me singing

different remixes of songs

acting videos

me just talking to the camera

maybe VIDEO speculations!!!

and any requests or ideas that I like the sound of that you people comment. so, please comment names and requests, or whatever!




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