FAV Hashtags

Pleaseee leave a coment somewhere on your favourite hastags because I am running low on good ones… I have #nomakeup (which is my apsolute fav.!!!) #selfie #doubleselfie #myhatersaremymotavators #imamotavator #tripleselfie

okay not gonna lie, I just made up the double and triple selfie thing but it seems ligitmate, right? There are definately those people who’d rather have the enjoyment of talking a selfie but they’re a bit shy and embarrassed so they get away with double and triple selfies… don’t lie, you’ve done it. maybe not on purpose, but you’ve done it.

anyway I’m seriously in need of some good hastags…!

oh goodness it’s hailing outside! Welcome 2014 with exciting weather! YES!

lol (another one) “lots of love”… I actually prefer lol to lots of love than lol to laugh out loud even though it’s a loveable, used & worn classic!!!

oh and please but the omj’s and lol’s and any new one’s that you’ve found of the last while. or emoticans or emoitcons or however they’re spelt. I have a good one but I kind of shouldn’t share it bc. it’s not even mine, it’s my brother’s/sisters.

also, my keyboard can act really weird sometimes, whenever I press the hashtag button instead of a hashtag appearing, there’s the english currency sign (¬£) that pops up… so everytime I want to hashtag something I have to copy and paste it…! hahaha

omj i just went to put the hashtag sign and this time instead of the pound sign coming onto the screen, it just changed the whole font of half the passage! oh dear… a very omj moment… #omjmoment

have a good 3rd of 2014!


oh and if you know any fun phrases like you know sometimes on the bottom of a youtube video they’ll say, “kill it before it lays eggs” or “at least it’s a better love story than twilight” or “like if you’re watching this in 2013/2014” which soon turned into “like if you’re watching this in 2024″… so if you have any of those, someone should really think up a name for them, any that you’ve seen, please leave them below too…

ha it’s cra-cray how I love these things so much! oh #cray-cray


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