It’s time to welcome 2014!!!

Who else gets REALLY excited to start a new year!?!?!?

I want to encourage all of you this year to keep a scrapbook or a video diary or something of every day that you live–or just to put some pictures in once in a while, just so you have something. It’s a good and fun thing to do at this time because everyone needs to remember everything of every chance they get! Also, I encourage you not to want; admire the things you already have. There’s a quote about that somewhere. What do you guys think about Wuote a Quote Mondays? or Quoting Mondays? I think that would be pretty cool. I wonder what the horoscope for 2014 is. I kind of feel like making my own up, that’s the thing!!! Also, I encourage you to keep a notebook of everything inspiring that you see, hear, quotes, whatever. If you don’t like the way your day is going sometime the year, change it around.Also realise that this year isn’t going to be fun if you don’t MAKE IT fun. So, MAKE IT FUN!

As in the last post, #2014things:

If you have something you want to do, then right now is the best place to start. So start NOW.

My Resolutions

1.) TRY at everything

2.) Get FLEXIBLE: Stretch/excessive everyday


4.) Really help with the move & help with J and clearing up the house

5.) Start doing something big this year

6.) make friends at the new school

7.) Get INVOLVED with something

8.) Donate to charities

9.) Do something amazing for a homeless person

10.) Learn how to twerk!!!


12.) learn dancing, MJ, break dancing, more tap dancing,

ballet, latino ball-dancing, cuban,

whatever–something that’s a “happy-maker”

13.) Save up money

14.) in words from Free People, “This year… I promise to bare a little bit more.”

Let’s all promise to do the last resolution!

My official list is on paper but I thought I’d copy it on here for inspiration! speaking of that, leave me your new year’s resolutions down below pleaseeeee!!!!!!!

It’s never too late in the year to add some resolutions to your list, so maybe later in the year I’ll add a tick box to each one. Then I’ll put a tick in the boxes beside the one’s I’ve managed to do. And I’ll cross them off my list–and I’ll add a new list of “mid or late-year” resolutions. I encourage you to do that too.

Please post some pictures or send them to me at sorangemay@gmail.com because I need some pictures to go after #2014things and seeing as the year has barely started, there isn’t much around. Anything inspiring…! (Of-COURSE I’ll cite you in where I got the picture.) Write your resolutions down below and I’ll read them!!! I haven’t got a comment yet so that would be nice if someone could do that!!!

So, 2013: My speculation of 2013 is that I feel like 2013 was quite an internet-obsessed year. I felt like that already but also The BiG Fat Quiz of The Year made me think about that side to it as well. I feel like part of that reason is because a lot of the older people who did a lot for their generation died this year. I don’t know, it’s just now I feel like the world was skimmed of all important people and now we’re left with Miley Cyrus and people like that. No offence, sometimes she’s funny and a lot of people are like that… they’re very “2013-y” and that’s fine but where are the important people? Maybe I shouldn’t be asking WHERE they are, I should be going out myself and doing something! But I don’t know, I love “speculating” with me. MAYbe I will do some speculating blog posts once in a while! “Care to join me, speculating the world?” hahaahahaha. OkAY, I hope you enjoyed that session of speculating. Please leave your own speculations down below.

There is such EXCITING WEATHER outside right now. You won’t even BELIEVE the weather we’ve been having lately… it’s cray-cray. I think when we go back there’ll be snow too, at least that’s what the weather channel says. My sister thinks we’ll be out for a week but usually weather.com exaggerates just a little bit because they litterally get SO excited themselves (I’m not joking, everyone literally has a field day when the snow sign comes up) and usually by the time it comes, they’ve changed the status a lot! haha! OMJ… is that lightning and thunder!? When it’s school-time the first thing I do in the mornings is check the weather and facebook… is facebook getting a bit outdated now do you think? No-one seems to go on there anymore and it’s kind of sad, but true, I guess. A lot of stuff is changing, that’s obvious. I guess recently, it HAS to. ahhh but everything’s so excitinggggg xxxxxxxx


I really, really hope EVERYONE EVERYWHERE’s year is the apsolute best year yet for all of you.


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