2014 Horoscope

Okay, so, before I read the 2014 horoscope, I am going to predict myself:

I think for most people, it’s going to be a romantic year. And a good year, and an exciting year (I know that for sure!) and something big’s GOT to happen, like maybe me earning my own money, or finding out something about myself. Okay… I think I know a little bit more but I don’t want to write anything else down!!!

This is what it says… And I just read it… and I think I am totally right! Sorryyyyy, I hope I’m not pushing my own buttons here!


August 23–September 22

With mover-and-shaker Mars in your worth zone until July 25 you’ll be taking action that affects your finances, but you may make some less-than-brilliant money moves when Mars is retrograde March 1–May 19 if you’re not careful. Mars can be impulsive and risky even at his best, and when he’s retrograde, he’s not functioning optimally. However, this period gives you the perfect opportunity to balance your budget, since Mars is in Libra, the sign of the scales. You could also do something about your possessions, such as cleaning out clutter and donating things you don’t need, because Libra rules aesthetics and fairness as well. Check your urge to argue over money, stuff and values during these months, instead examining your own behavior as it relates to self-esteem and financial strategy. Your attitude about finances is connected to your attitude about yourself. Erratic Uranus has been in your sharing sector for the past few years, making funding from outside sources unpredictable, and Mars is calling you to focus on how to get what you want for yourself without relying too much on others. The house Uranus is transiting also rules intimacy, and his presence there is associated with sudden or unusual sexual encounters, closeness and trust being shaken up and experimenting with one’s sexuality. If any of that describes what’s been going on with you, rest assured that this part of your life is supposed to be radically changing and you’re not meant to stick to a norm when it comes to closeness now. As far as more general relationships go, your circle has been expanding since Jupiter entered your group zone last summer. You may have more luck with friendship and networking, or you may simply have more people in your personal and professional lives. The potential for learning from these people is very high now, and they can not only teach you, but can also help you to aim higher in your goals. Your belief in teamwork should be fairly strong at this point, and your dreams are bigger than usual. Another way to max out Jupiter’s stay in this part of your chart, which will come to a close on July 16, is to get involved with charitable organizations. In the last five months of the year, your internal faith will build, your imagination will open up and your spiritual attunement will be heightened, as Jupiter unlocks the doors to the unconscious. You’ll also have to rely on your intuition more when your ruler Mercury goes retrograde, slowing down your analytical brain February 6–28, June 7–July 1 and October 4–25. Don’t make any life-changing decisions or major purchases—tech especially—and avoid signing contracts. Expect the usual communication and travel snafus, and try to be patient. Saturn in your cognition-and-communication house has been pushing you to speak responsibly, making sure you know what you’re talking about before you open your mouth. And though Saturn may spell challenges with your siblings or neighbors, overall he’s giving you a more mature mindset, which is a plus. Honest communication with romantic partners and creative expression are also facilitated by his harmonious connection to Pluto in your love-and-art zone. Idealistic, foggy Neptune in your relationship angle is drawing you to more spiritual people, but also exacerbating a tendency to see others as flaky or spacey. You may be confused by people, alternating between seeing them through rose-colored glasses and seeing only their flaws. You long for a meaningful connection and need to start listening to your intuition about people more and tuning out your inner critic sometimes. May this year put you exactly where you need to be on the path to becoming your authentic whole self.

Oh my gosh I am soooo excited! It sounds exactly what I expected.

The last post has litterally not been up a minute yet but here you go, if this is what you’re looking for, then this is it! From I suppose quite a reliable source, and quite exciting to look at:



The fashion forecast, which I am excited to see.



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