Imagine it’s the season of time since u last did something

hey, guys. I hope christmas was nice for you! I’m on winter break and totally dreading going back to school. I just dont want to go back and I don’t know what I’m gonna do!!! I’m trying not to think about it tho. I’ve been reading Zoella’s book omj!!! I didn’t even think I was gonna get it for christmas cuz I forgot to put it on my list but I have a feeling Torz sneaked in and put a word in for me. Haha. She knows about me and youtube well. If you want to know a little bit more about it, the book is really fun, light, and interesting to read. It’s so nice and simple I almost feel like I’m listening to it when I read it. It is also a book, so it’s gonna make you feel things and at times turn slightly into an emo at times. But what I love is Brooklyn Boy (didn’t wanna blow Online Girl’s cover) and how inspirational Online Girl’s blog is. After reading the first pages I was already so inspired to create another anonoymous blog. I get like that easily with books. I just get so inspired by them. I don’t think I’ve passed an entire book without feeling or being inspired by something about it. It makes me act fast and think, I want to do exactly what they’re doing now because it would be FUN and why the hell not!? Which brings me to propose a question: should I create yet another anonoymous blog?

I love this blog. I love the theme and my previous posts. And I’m still on it abut 3/4 of a year from when I first made it which is crazy really. Have I ever made a blog that lasted over a season? No, I don’t think so! Although I’ve made so many. It’s like that. always is. I don’t know if that’ll ever change but I like changing sometimes. Sometimes, it’s ok.

I guess I just kind of want a blog that is freelance, no wordpress or weebly connections the whole time. I hate the whole second . domain name thing too, but that peeved me off a lot more a while ago. I guess what I want changes all the time, from season to season to season. I have 7 followers that I don’t want to upset.

I always do these things at night, late, although it’s not that late now (but I better head off to sleep) and tomorrow when I post this I might think, wait? I don’t want to not have this blog as my own anymore. What the hell was I thinking?

I think I better sleep on it. No harm in that!

I’ll be sure to update u anyway telling what happens.

tbh it might not happen and it’s nothing worth going into detail over. I’ll let u all know k?

lots of love ur mayz 😉


autumn time once again

it’s me, I promise! I haven’t left! I’m still here and I think I’ll continue to be!!!

It’s Autumn and I just have to do an August-September-October-November post. And sometimes December.

I LOVE this time of year so much. I have so many great memories from this time of year. Halloween’s gone, by the way, which is kind of sad. I watched Halloween Town for the first time which was kinda fun and Halloween in general was the best. It would’ve been better if I wan’t on a diet but I kinda put my diet aside for the day. Or weekend. But I’m back on my diet now its the kinda diet where I have one week to lose 16 pounds. my favourite kind 😉

Autumn reminds me of America and Fall and all this great food and diets aswell, and Starbucks and mochas and warm hot chocolate drinks and the Winter, which in my life kinda joins at the hip with Autumn really well, is Cafe Nero time. Isn’t it funny when you have those repeated memroies that creates such good new memories or new LIFE, I should say–cuz we’re not creating memories, are we?–and then we’ve been someone once and it forecasts the whole season of the next year when u get there before you’ve lived it.

Okay, well just a little update about this Autumn time for me. :0

a mid-summer update

Hi my dear blog! I haven’t posted in ages… I don’t even know what to say.  Currently, I am watching the news and something about hurricanes to the UK to a place from which I live 45 mins, is coming. It’s kinda weird that America has only had one hurricane and it was HARDLY very big this year, or maybe it was two hurricanes? I think one was named Yolanada and Andre. Not sure, but I think last year they used up the entire hurricane list. Cinda Cray.

I have a youtube, you know. Wanna know more? Go to

I’m for real happy about it. I am gonna be posting so many more videos. I am just so excited for everything.

Btws, I haven’t been able to do much with my summer plans… I’ve been so busy yet I haven’t even thought about my summer reading which I’m not going to do because I am currently enrolled in 0 schools… or you could say, I’m enrolled in like five schools with all the places we are/were planning on moving! No idea where we’re going to be next. I’ve got so much to say but no time is the right time. Maybe now, maybe next post? Who knows if I’ll ever get it out? Well I guess I might update this later, for now I just wanted to have something posted for my poor followers (limited as they are). Have promise in my blog that I’ll post more. I’ve got in engage in convo now.

Amaya xx



Summer, be amazing

My bed has been extremely comfy recently. It seems to have developed a way to retain some of the warmth, a bit, from breakfast-time and then when I crawl back in it from a hot session of Being Outside, it’s cold and it feels nice, then I warm it back up again in a matter of minutes. Ah, the joys of summertime. Although I do actually want to do something this summer. Infact, I have MANY things I want to ACCOMPLISH–like for this week I wrote a little thing all colourfully on a piece of ripped paper: This– Summer– Week, then numbered 1 to (so far) 4 is : Father’s Day Present, 2. Sew Evie’s clothes back together, 3. Blog Posts?. Notice the question mark. I guess the only question about it now is how many m’I going to do. and 4. record & upload youtube vids. But long term goals, as in, the 2 and a half months of summer laid out, practically sprawled, out in front of me? Well after starting with my weekly goals (which will fluxuate rapidly over the course of the week) I assume I’m going to give my Daddy, shortly after arriving home on Father’s Day, a beautiful welcome and a wonderful fathers day, then we will travel to blanketty blank-et-y blank on Monday, stay in some hotels and be excited by the gorgeous hotel breakfasts !which! I! !just can’t get over! (not being able to get over it is a good thing), see some places there (don’t get this wrong: it’s Not a holiday, we’re primarily {I say primarly when meaning WELL, we are going to go on some shopping trips maybe just once or twice and maybe do some sampling and wonderful Trader Joes !which! I! !also! !just can’t get over!} there on buisness, serious buisness and when I say buisness I mean special spy-ing networking, searching and hunting peeps down. I also want to do a lot more of my dance, sewing, helping with J, creative stuff, drinking lots of lemonade, getting back in-touch with my music, honestly–all and everything May. And of-course we’ll be having our every-six-month-ly holiday back to England, so that’ll be summin’ special! Can’t wait for the .U.F.S. and the areoplane place and just being at .A. and going to the chavvy co-op and walking around .S.N. and everything. We might be going to some place cool and ACTUALLY summery (Portugal). The REAL place to go this time of year would be Los Angeles or somewhere in CA tbh, or–omg– South America where longs love!

But the best part of American summer, where I live, is the thunderstorms, hot weather, warmth, target, valley view mall… I never would have thought to say this, at least not all of it, but now that we’re moving… there’s a lot more that I could add to that unpredictable list.

You “Let Her Go” — Music Video Cover / Adaption by Amaya

My Big Project I’ve been talking about: Short Film kinda thing

This music video is adapting Passenger’s “Let Her Go.” The video starts with a girl of 4 or 5, who is a Daddy’s girl at heart. She loves her Daddy as any little girl would. This adaption is NOT completed, but in the completed version, it shows a girl being fed applesauce (her favorite food). She grows up with her Daddy until she is about 8 years old. The video is meant to be in the father’s perspective, watching his girl grow up without him after eight when he left—and not really caring that he was gone until he sees a tragic ending (no spoilers!) for her. See, for the father, the little girl was just a chapter in his life. He had fun being with her but didn’t take her seriously while she was young and not until he sees her (through a crystal ball or something, whatever) does he see the importance of her in his life. She does not realise why he left, and still doesn’t even when she gets to the end of the video when she is about 13, more on the edge of 14. He was everything a little girl would have wanted for a father. In the middle of the music video, still through the father’s eyes, he is seeing her grow up without him—he doesn’t seem to realise how important he was to her. As she continues realising, she is caught by a draft of unhappiness. He won’t come back but she will continue to look for him. She looks at her baby photos and spends most of her time in her eccentric bedroom and thinking about him and their old life and their memories. She wishes he would come back one day, but towards the end of the film she is caught by a sudden notion that he won’t. The beginning of the film is her looking back at their memories, as if looking in a kelidescope. Then the father watches her as she takes a drastic step towards the end of her life. Her favorite place to be is on her window sill, looking at the lights of distant cities, night or day. So one night, at the very end of the film, she figures maybe he is in heaven (although she knows really he is not) because surely if he is as good as he was, he would have come back for her? She cannot understand it. And if he was a good person, he would be in heaven. So she opens the window, stands on the sill, clutches the window frame, letting the wind make her hair simply float and…

It’s not perfect, but I realise my mistakes and that’s all that matters!

Whoahh der…

Hey chickies!

I have not uploaded for absolutely AGES. So this post is going to be another Catching-Up-With-Me.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with grammar, especially prepositions, and ‘ve been correcting people at any chance I can get, including developing my own theories on grammar (^ yeah I KNOW I put two preps in a row up der!). My sister just came home so YAYYY!!! I’ve also been working on a huge project and I will do a whole ‘nother post on it, but I just wanted to tell you what it actually is first in this post… I’ve been failing at my diet and now guess what, we’ve got easter coming up and I have been stalling/failing/trying/getting up again back on my feet now, all mixed in one, in a huge kabob, for the past two months I think!? Can you believe it??? So yeah, no idea WHAT to do. I got tumblr, btw, and I’ve been using that for my personal inspiration for getting fit. I AM OBSESSED WITH TUMBLR!!! Mine is:

Hope you like it!!!

Ummmmmmmm been obsessing over Taylor Swift’s music vid “I knew you were trouble” once again. I was obsessed with it like a year ago and I just got obsessed with it again, like half-one month ago. It was an inspiration for my new PROJECT I’m doing. Oh and I am obsessed with Reeve Carney, because of the music video. I love him so much ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh and I recently saw Captins of the Sand. Oh.



That is something I am even more obsessed with than like ANYTHING else right now… I am just… I LOVE Pedro and Dora, I am trying to act like them (for acting practice & for show purposes, and also I just love them and am obsessed) but I am obsessed with literally every single thing about that film. I am making a clothing line from it… just everything, ohhhhhhh… I am so grateful my sister showed that to me. I’ve watched it like 1 and a half times so far. I am perfecting my espanol accent as well!!! “Oh Pedro!” “Dora!” hahahaha. I think I’m pretty good actually.

I have been having some seriously deep thoughts too. I’ll share one with you. “Everything is irrelevant…” ends one. I am really grateful right now for a tone of stuff. SPRING IS ACTUALLY COMING NOW!!! It is actually warmish-hot now and then and of-course very extremely humid, of-course, and we’ve been having some thunderstorms/a few tornado threats plus also Cali over there on the west coast is like havin’ a big earthquake, not just one of their usuals along with The Washington State. So yeah, everyone’s just haven’ a dandy ‘ole time…

I’m starting to think maybe I should explain my BIG PROJECT in this update post, but then it will take forever to actually be uploaded on account of I will be writing  a ton more. So I think I’ll just leave this post at that! 🙂


Oh, I have a joke to end this post!!! Why do girls always travel in odd numbers? Because they can’t even. Hahahaha :00